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Instructions: Closing your Folding Rebounder

Please ensure you read all the steps and thoroughly understand the instructions before you begin folding your rebounder. Note that the spring cover should be removed prior to folding or un-folding your rebounder.

1) Protect your spring cover:
When closing or opening your rebounder, ensure that your spring cover is removed to avoid it being caught in the hinges.

2) Fold your rebounder legs:
Turn your rebounder upside down. With the rebounder lying flat, pull each leg up and over the platform pin and lay it towards the center of the mat. Extend the leg spring only enough to allow the leg tube to slip up and over the platform pin.

3) Identify the outer and inner hinges:
Your rebounder's hinge has two main part: the outer hinge and the inner hinge. The outer hinge is the large metal piece which surrounds the steel frame of your rebounder. The inner hinge is the smaller hinge and it lies inside the outer hinge. The inner hinge is the part of the hinge that will move when you fold your rebounder. It is important to differentiate between the outer and inner hinge before folding your rebounder. A simple way of differentiating is remembering that the inner hinge sits inside the outer hinge.

4) Position yourself:
Place the upside down rebounder in front of you so that the two outer hinges are closest to you. This half of your rebounder frame which the outer hinges are attached to is the bottom half of your rebounder. Place one knee with half your body weight over the edge of the bottom half and onto a portion of the mat and frame of your rebounder. Use one hand to aid your knee in holding the rebounder frame down against the ground. Ensure that your fingers are positioned away from the rebounder and away from the hinges. With your other hand, hold the edge of the rebounder frame that is furthest away from you. If your own body weight is insufficient or you find this position difficult, use furniture to hold the edge down.

5) Fold your rebounder:
In a slow and steady manner, pull the rebounder frame furthest from you towards you whilst keeping your weight on the bottom half of the rebounder. Make sure you grasp the frame firmly and maintain full control as you pull slowly forcing the hinges to fold. Once the rebounder has folded to a 90 degree angle you can begin shifting your body weight back and slowly move your knee off the rebounder as you bring it to a complete fold. For safety reasons, it is important to always be aware of your hands and fingers and keep them away from the hinges. Once folded, you may place your folded rebounder inside your Needak carry case.

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