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Rebounder Buying Guide & Comparison Chart

A common hurdle that every individual pursuing a rebounder for the first time goes through is determining which rebounder brand they should purchase. With so many websites proclaiming theirs is the best rebounder, our aim was to compile a comparison based primarily on what you, the end user, had to say and offer our customers an unbiased summary of that information. We’ve gone through every customer review we could find, of every rebounder available and polled the results for all the major rebounder brands.

Buying Guide Sections:
The Basics

Here we introduce you to the competitors with information we have calculated to the best of our ability from customer reviews and sales across the internet. Use this as an entry point and proceed downward.

  Market Share
Country of
Rebounder Price Claim to
Needak 30-40% USA $280 US High Quality
Urban Rebounder 20-30% China $89.99 US Rebounding Videos
and Routines
Al Carter's ReboundAir 10-15% Taiwan $340 US Sponsored by
Al Carter
Bellicon 5-10% Germany $700 US Bungee Cord
Replaces Springs
JumpSport 1-10% China $619 US World's Safest
Cellercise/Cellerciser 1-10% Taiwan $325 US Sponsored by
Dave Hall
Local Store/Other Brands 1-10% China $60 US Local and


If price is the only concern then going to your local sports store is a clear winner. You'll get your rebounder the same day and you'll spend less money than on the higher priced ones. However, the drawback to this is the risk in buying something that may not be safe or pleasant to use, making your small investment a potential waste. From the many customer reviews we've read on the more expensive rebounders, most consumers that did so regretted purchasing a cheaper brand first.

On the other end of the scale is the German manufacturer Bellicon that offers a non-folding bungee string rebounder for a hefty $700. Next comes the JumpSport with a plethora of different models. Their highest end model is the only one that comes close to the others in regards to mat size and quality, and in tune with the other rope-driven rebounder, is up there at $620. In the mid range you have Needak, ReboundAIR and Cellerciser, with ReboundAIR a bit more expensive than the other two. Based on our market share estimates, most customers who want a cheap rebounder opt for the Urban Rebounder or cheaper model of JumpSport, and the rest go for a Needak.


When polling a variety of neutral 3rd party review sites such as Amazon, Ebay and Google, we found Needak to consistently receive a 97-100% approval rating by customers. The negative reviews we found appeared to be due to customer frustration due to a lack of experience with rebounders in general. Bellicon customers also enjoyed their rebounder, complimenting the quiet and soft bounce of the bungee spring system.

The ReboundAIR comes in next, with most customers enjoying the bounce and rebounding on it in general. Complaints surrounding the device ranged from poor workmanship for the price to a bounce that was too hard, with the most polarized being about their poor customer service.

The Cellerciser ties ReboundAIR, with most customers praising its bounce. However, we found it hard to locate many reliable reviews with which to rate this rebounder.

The JumpSport rebounders come in next with mostly good reviews, although for its cheaper models. The bad ones consistently remarked on too small a jump surface, a stiff bounce, the mat breaking too soon or the cords needing to be replaced after only a few months. It also appears JumpSport spreads its efforts across different kinds of trampolines whereas the other brands only make fitness rebounders. We could not find sufficient reviews for their $620 model which is the only model they have with a mat size similar to the others.

The Urban Rebounder comes in sixth with very polarized reviews - customers either hated it or loved it, with most proponents of it praising the low price. Most complaints surrounded its poor build quality, with many customers complaining about different things that were wrong with it out of the box or broke after some use. Examples included loose springs/screws, torn fabric and dangerous mechanisms.

Sentiment surrounding local store-bought brands was overwhelmingly negative. Most customers complained of the rebounder breaking with any serious use and most regretted their investment.

Overall customer sentiment seemed to suggest that Needak and Bellicon made the best rebounders while the Urban Rebounder was a good rebounder for the value.
#3:Build Quality

The quality comparison of the different rebounders mirrors customer sentiment. The two non-Asian made brands claim the top spots, with the ReboundAIR and Cellerciser coming in close behind followed by the JumpSport. The longevity and repair-ability of the Needak rebounders were something that customers liked. We could not locate reviews on the Bellicon's build quality as most customers seemed to like its comfortable bounce with no mention of usage or repairs. Most customers likewise found the ReboundAIR and Cellerciser to be of superior quality to the cheaper models, albeit with some complaints. The JumpSport seemed to be hit and miss with some reviews complaining of poor workmanship with others liking it.

Without exception, even in positive reviews, customers slammed the Urban Rebounder's build quality along with local store brands.
#4:The Bounce

All three of Bellicon, Needak and ReboundAIR receive consistently positive feedback from customers on the quality of the bounce. Bellicon has the most positive results mostly due to its unique bungee spring system, with Needak tying with a nearly flawless record, and the ReboundAIR in a close third with some customers complaining of a stiffer bounce than expected. The Cellerciser has also received positive feedback, but not enough to warrant increasing its placement. The JumpSport was also hit and miss in this department, with some people praising the cord system bounce while others disliked the overly stiff spring system. The JumpSport consistently received poor marks towards the small mat size.

We found, however, that most people tend to like the bounce of their product no matter what they buy. Therefore, this category may be the most difficult to gauge remotely as the best way is to compare them side to side. It is our impression from the reviews we have read that the Bellicon, Needak and ReboundAIR provide the most reliably comfortable bounce, with the Bellicon and Needak receiving near perfect recommendations from customers.

Needak provides a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on the mat and 2 years on the springs. The Cellerciser provides a straight 5 year warranty. ReboundAIR provides a lifetime warranty on all components, only on manufacturing defects. They will also send you a free one-time replacement of springs and a mat. JumpSport provides a similar warranty to Needak. Bellicon has a very limited warranty (2 years on the frame, 1 year on the bungee cord and mat) compared to both Needak and ReboundAIR. The Urban Rebounder has a 4 year warranty on the frame and 1 year on everything else.

It seems that the two cord based systems (JumpSport and Bellicon) have very expensive rebounders ($620 and $700 respectively) that require cord replacement quite often. Without exception long-term customers for both brands complained about cords stretching or breaking.

We found some ambiguity surrounding ReboundAIR's warranty as unlike all the other manufacturers, they only cover manufacturer defects while the other companies guarantee that their mats and springs will last a certain amount of time. For the price, the Bellicon warranty falls very short. Needak beats out the Cellerciser by a hair because of its lifetime warranty on the frame, matching warranties on the mat, and the edge going to the Cellerciser in regards to the springs.


As revealed by a number of user reviews, at the bottom of our list are the locally bought rebounders, which most reviewers said looked cheaper than the higher quality rebounders. We found it hard to locate reviews on the Cellerciser, JumpSport as well as the ReboundAir that addressed this perspective, but from a cosmetic standpoint the Needak's solid black and sporty platinum blue models stood out from the mid-range competitors. However, the ReboundAir was not far behind, with a slightly unique look of its own with its red cover and thick looking frame. The Urban Rebounder, despite appearing lower-quality to customers, still held its own in regards to its look.

A clear winner in this regard, however, was the Bellicon, with its sleek orange styling and unique noiseless bungee cord spring system. The Needak and ReboundAir come next, with the Urban Rebounder third, then the Cellerciser and finally the local brands.

Most customers, however, felt that the aesthetics of the rebounders was only skin deep, and that with even one bounce their friends could immediately feel the difference between a 90 dollar rebounder and a 300 dollar rebounder, overriding their initial impression of the device.
The Final Verdict

As with most things we want to buy, a lot of our decision comes from personal choice and priority. If you are hesitant to spend upwards of $300 on a rebounder, your best bet would be the Urban Rebounder which is likely to be superior to local brands, but still comes in at under $100. The caveat, however, is that if you really want to experience the full benefits of rebounding, you probably won't get there using anything in the low-range models. Your knees will buckle, your back will hurt, and worse yet, the rebounder may break.

The Bellicon, on the other hand, is the most expensive rebounder we compared, and by a large margin. At almost $700 and with the least amount of warranty coverage, we find the Bellicon device to be one that focuses on aesthetics more than longevity. Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money on replacement bungee cords or only using your rebounder for a few months to a year, we cannot recommend the Bellicon as a practical option.

The JumpSport, next in the price range at $620, is ambiguous with their products. Their lower priced rebounders suffer from a variety of drawbacks that seem to be in place to keep the price low on what seems to be an expensive cord system. We could not find many reviews on their $620 model, but surmise it suffers from the same lack of longevity due to the aesthetically pleasing but weaker cord bounce system as on the Bellicon.

The majority of us, therefore, will be deciding between the three mid-range devices. At the bottom of this list is the Cellerciser, which is the most expensive of the three, yet has very little in the form of a customer base and is a relatively unknown rebounder. We found it difficult to find reviews of the Cellerciser that were not in some way or another related to their sales force. Eliminating this as the clear standout, we are then left with the Needak and ReboundAir rebounders.

The Needak has a definite edge on the ReboundAir in terms of customer responses; we've yet to find even one reliable customer review that legitimately complained about anything the Needak rebounder had to offer. The ReboundAir also received positive reviews for the most part, but far less in number, and also included various criticisms targeted at its build quality, bounce, and/or customer service.

The warranty on the Needak is also longer and more complete, and there is a more readily available support base in regards to replacement parts and instructions for the Needak than there is for the ReboundAir.

Finally, the bounce and build quality of the Needak was almost impeccable, whereas the ReboundAir had questionable results according to some customers.

The verdict is therefore as follows: If you want a cheaper rebounder now to try it out and perhaps get a better one in the future, go for the Urban Rebounder. If you want a very good looking rebounder that will be great to use for a short amount of time, and price is not an issue, the Bellicon is for you. If you want a permanent rebounder that will last the longest and provide the greatest long-term health benefits, then opt for a Needak.

Disclaimer: Please note that although this is a journalistic article we make no warrants or claims on the accuracy of the information provided, and it is in no way meant to provide you health advice that would replace that of a trained professional. The rebounder manufacturers reviewed and their respective trademarks are the property of their respective owners and Needak Australia makes no claim of ownership or affiliation with any of the companies listed. Keywords: Needak vs ReboundAir, Needak vs Cellerciser, Cellerciser vs ReboundAir, Urban Rebounder vs Needak, JumpSport vs Needak, Rebounder brand comparisons

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