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The Needak Advantage

Here you will find a brief introduction to some of the things that make Needak rebounders stand out. Visit our Buying Guide for a more thorough investigation into the different manufacturers.

USA Made
Quality and component control are an important part of the manufacturing process of anything that requires a great deal of attention to detail for the purpose of reliability and safety. The only rebounder manufacturer in the world that ensures a reliable platform that can carry your bounce for years and years is Needak. All Needak rebounders are US made, lead-free, and use flexible patented spring designs that are superior to rigid alloys that snap without warning as well as bungee cord spring systems that have a short life span.

Every Needak rebounder is priced to remain competitive while providing customers a device that accepts no compromises. While more expensive than a locally bought rebounder, the difference in bounce, safety and longevity extends far past the price difference.

Lifetime Device
When you purchase a Needak rebounder, unlike any other device that may be sold or thrown away, such a need never arises. Because it has such a small footprint it can almost always be carried or stowed. Replacement parts are both easy and affordable, and one can perform repairs in their own house with a minimal of effort and tools.

Strong Components
From the permatron mat to the soft-bounce springs, tear-proof spring cover, welded hinges and lifetime covered frame, every Needak rebounder is a professional exercise device. Both the folding and non-folding versions are identical in reliability, and this ensures that when you first jump on one, you'll be just as amazed as when you bounce on it years later.
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