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Price Matching is the only online retailer that ships Needak rebounders to UK customers from within the UK. We do this to provide the most cost effective solution for UK customers looking to purchase a Needak rebounder. With other Needak retailers, who ship their rebounders from America, the high shipping charges often exceed the cost of the rebounder itself - making the investment to purchase a Needak rebounder unreasonable.

If you find any of the Needak rebounders listed on elsewhere at a lower price including shipping cost, you may be eligible for a price match. This includes online and real-world stores, retailers, distributors, and anyone else authorized to sell Needak equipment. The product must be identical and brand new. The shipping method must match the same quality shipping service that is used by provides expedited shipping with tracking information to ensure reliable service. The retailer must be in full compliance with Needak Manufacturing LLC's pricing policies in order for a price match to be made.
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